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What is a first name domain worth?

Michael Sumner • Jul 20, 2013 • 7 Comments

We all know first name domains are hot sellers, but how much are they really worth?

I took a database of more than 5,000 common first names and compared it against past sales at NameBio to find as many first names as possible, and I came up with 103 that I could use.  Some first names had to be thrown out because they clearly sold for another reason, examples include,,,, etc.

The most obvious way to appraise a first name domain name is based on its popularity, the reason would be worth a lot more than is that it is more common.  I gathered the US census data for all 103 first name domain sales from this site and included it in the table below.

It is difficult to analyze because every domain is unique, they sold at different points in time under different economic climates, some people got steals and some people overpaid.  If any of you data nerds out there want to dig into it further, contact me and I’ll send you the spreadsheet.

I’m content with saying that the average sale price was $1.25 per person.  If you throw out all the sales where the per-person price was double digits like, the average drops to $0.81 per person.  So I’d say somewhere around $1 per person and you’re probably good.  Much more than that and you’re likely over-paying, and a lot less than that and you can feel good about your bargain.  Of course this falls apart when you get to the extremes, otherwise would be a $4m to $5m domain.

While my analysis leaves a lot to be desired, at the very least I’ve compiled the largest list of first name domain sales ever 🙂

DomainPriceSale DateFrequency$310,250 2/28/200612,651$250,000 11/26/2008564,552$100,001 11/30/201144,279$100,000 2/7/2006132,836$100,000 7/9/200839,534$65,000 2/27/2008430,135$65,000 3/26/2011102,790$64,980 6/30/201211,070$63,000 5/1/201198,045$62,120 5/29/2008178,696$60,000 11/5/2012395,345$58,830 5/31/200917,395$50,000 6/18/20081,255,614$35,000 10/28/2008142,324$30,000 4/25/2007436,460$29,500 9/9/200739,534$29,100 5/6/2008177,114$29,000 3/13/20071,031,058$28,000 9/20/200752,185$28,000 5/31/201214,232$25,890 2/26/200952,185$25,000 8/27/200994,883$21,500 2/23/20075,191,664$20,310 2/21/20131,581$19,388 12/23/2008398,507$18,150 4/22/2010494,971$18,000 12/29/200850,604$18,000 4/25/200785,394$17,500 11/21/200728,465$16,100 6/30/200912,651$16,000 1/18/20111,581$16,000 7/24/2011371,624$15,501 11/11/200828,465$15,000 9/9/2009118,603$15,000 7/30/20111,581$14,888 4/8/20107,907$12,650 1/17/200745,860$12,500 6/26/2008148,650$12,000 7/2/200845,860$12,000 5/7/200814,232$12,000 2/27/2012370,042$12,000 4/3/2008156,556$11,666 12/28/20066,326$9,400 1/21/2007102,790$8,850 7/7/20081,581$8,655 1/11/20114,744$6,505 4/18/20097,907$5,400 8/13/201125,302$5,384 1/14/201312,651$5,201 5/14/20081,581$5,100 3/21/20133,163$5,100 8/28/200823,721$5,045 4/28/2008151,812$5,000 12/14/201212,651$5,000 1/21/20113,163$5,000 1/10/20119,488$4,300 1/11/20116,326$4,000 9/14/20091,581$4,000 1/2/20083,163$3,600 1/26/200725,302$3,501 1/2/200714,232$3,100 7/7/20129,488$3,013 6/25/20131,581$3,000 1/10/20111,581$3,000 4/15/201315,814$2,700 1/25/20073,163$2,633 7/4/2006140,743$2,600 2/18/20134,744$2,510 3/1/201314,232$2,500 3/11/20131,581$2,500 11/18/20123,163$2,500 4/1/20113,163$2,400 11/7/200812,651$2,300 6/11/201111,070$2,150 1/28/20131,581$2,050 3/16/20096,326$1,610 3/24/20081,581$1,601 1/14/20093,163$1,544 5/4/20137,907$1,525 5/27/20136,326$1,500 3/18/20131,581$1,494 1/30/201120,558$1,450 7/13/20121,581$1,400 1/27/20116,326$1,218 1/4/20123,163$1,200 12/29/20044,744$1,130 3/9/20113,163$1,100 8/17/20116,326$1,058 7/16/20111,581$1,021 9/15/20123,163$1,000 5/17/201158,511$9506/8/20139,488$9118/18/20087,907$8975/26/20131,581$76412/7/20123,163$7391/25/20113,163$6626/11/20081,581$6288/19/20123,163$5888/18/20129,488$5805/17/20086,326$5356/28/20126,326$5102/10/200942,697$5003/21/20073,163

7 Responses to What is a first name domain worth?

  1. Great summary on this topic, Michael!

    I had trouble sorting by price or frequency. When I set either to ascending or descending, it doesn’t want to work properly. Just wanted to let you know.

  2. J S says:

    Great Analysis! How about one on last names?

  3. admin says:

    @Michael – Thanks 🙂 The sorting for those two fields doesn’t seem to work because it is treating them as character strings instead of formatted numbers. I don’t see an easy way to fix that, and I’d rather have the numbers formatted so they are easier to read, so I just turned off sorting instead.

    @JS – Thanks for the kind words. I might be able to do one on last names as well.

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  5. Alex says:

    How can I put a value on the following domain first names: Franco.Tv and Colin.Tv ?
    If anyone could comment on the above since these are .Tv and not .Com extensions. Thanks

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