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Vanity Name Servers

Michael Sumner • Feb 26, 2009 • No Comments

I recently figured out a cool trick to create your own vanity name servers.  I’m going to walk you through the process using my own domain,, which is hosted at HostGator.  This is what my name servers currently look like:


However, I would prefer my name servers be branded and to show up as NS1.DNMEDIA.COM and NS2.DNMEDIA.COM.  It is a lot easier than you might think, you don’t even need to run your own name server software.  First, I need to figure out what IP addresses NS1385.HOSTGATOR.COM and NS1386.HOSTGATOR.COM point to.  I do this by opening up the command prompt in Windows ( Start >> Run >> Type in “cmd” >> Hit OK ).  Now I’m going to ping these two addresses by typing in “ping” without the quotes and hitting enter, and it will tell me what the IP is.


In this case, the IP address of NS1385.HOSTGATOR.COM is, which I write down for later use.  Now I ping NS1386.HOSTGATOR.COM to get its IP, which is, and I write that down as well.  As you can see from the first screen shot, the domain name is registered with Godaddy, so I log in to my domain manager and click on  In the bottom left under “Host Summary” I click “add”.  Then I enter in “ns1” without the quotes in the text box for “Host”, and the IP address of the first HostGator nameserver for “Host IP 1” (, and click OK.


Now I click “Add” again under “Host Summary”, enter “ns2” for the “Host” and for “Host IP 1”, and click OK.  The final step is to set the name servers of to NS1.DNMEDIA.COM and NS2.DNMEDIA.COM.


There are a lot of other much more useful things you can do with this trick, but I think that requires a separate post.

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