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Study WHOIS with Whoisology

Michael Sumner • Sep 4, 2013 • 3 Comments

whoisologyI stumbled across Whoisology after seeing a post on DomainBoardroom, and I’m very glad that I did.  This isn’t your average WHOIS tool, in fact if you’re looking for live data you won’t find it here.  But what you will find is much more valuable.  It lets you dive deep into WHOIS data in ways that DomainTools charges you hundreds of dollars for, and the kicker… it’s free.

The first time I used Whoisology was for a domain name that I was bidding on at NameJet.  The domain was registered at eNom so it wasn’t actually going to drop, and for no apparent reason the auction was cancelled a few days before the backorder deadline.  I assumed the previous owner had redeemed the domain, but after a month of checking the WHOIS it was still in the same status.

Frustrated, I checked Whoisology, which as I mentioned doesn’t have live data, so it acted like WHOIS history for me.  I was able to find the previous registrant, and I negotiated with him through email to redeem the domain and sell it to me for $750.  Less than two months later I received a $1,500 offer on the domain, so this free service has already proved valuable to me.

There are other use cases as well.  Let’s say you get an email from someone offering to buy one of your domain names.  Plug his email address into Whoisology and you can immediately see what other domain names he owns, of course assuming he isn’t using a burner freemail account.  If you see that the buyer owns quality domain names in the same vertical as yours, you know he is serious and you can price accordingly.  You can also search by phone number, name servers, registrant name, and practically every other field in a WHOIS record.

It is also useful when you find a domain owner willing to sell you a domain name for a great price.  Rather than being obvious and asking for a list of his entire portfolio, which will almost certainly clue him in that you’re trying to cherry pick all of his gems, you can plug his info into Whoisology and get your shopping list.

Of course you could sort of do this before with the poor man’s WHOIS trick.  You can perform a search in Google such as “” but Whoisology is way more thorough.  DomainTools charges between $50 and $999+ for a reverse WHOIS report depending on the number of domains the person owns.  Why pay that kind of money when you can get a similar quality report for free?

The service is brought to you by the co-founder of, which you should also check out.  Charging a buyer a small fee for making an offer on one of your domain names is a great way to pre-qualify leads and keep out the lowballers and tire kickers.  If you forward your inquiries to Domain Agents, they will charge the person $19.95 for making the offer.  Nobody is going to pay $20 to make a $15 offer on one of your domain names so it filters those time wasters out.  Also Domain Agents passes $10 of that fee back to you, so you actually get paid just for replying to offers.

I’m not being paid to write about either service, I believe they are valuable and wanted to share the information with you.

3 Responses to Study WHOIS with Whoisology

  1. Maksim says:

    Thanks for review, seems useful tool, adding it to my bookmark.

  2. Alan says:

    I agree. I just learned about Whoisology a couple of weeks ago and have used it several times since then. I used to use whoismind for this type of information, but whoisology seems to offer even more info. Great tool.

  3. Kassey says:

    Great site. Thanks. Hope the site will remain free.

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