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  • Selling Ad Space

    Nov 18, 09 • Web Development5 Comments
    Selling Ad Space

    In the past few weeks I have been contacted by several upstart and established domain industry bloggers to advertise on their site.  The prices ranged from $x to high $xxx per month.  This got me thinking… how are they coming up with these prices?  I have a feeling that several are taking what they ...

  • Understanding Search Volume

    Nov 9, 09 • Domain Investing15 Comments
    Understanding Search Volume

    Every day you see sales pitches for domain names that include exact match search volume, but how many of you know how to use that number effectively in your purchase decision?  Many domainers subscribe to the “more is better” philosophy, while others prefer going after less competitive niche markets and shoot for monthly search volume ...

  • AWStats for All Domains

    Aug 17, 09 • Web Development5 Comments
    AWStats for All Domains

    I came across a limitation of AWStats today that, much to my surprise, has not really been addressed effectively.  For those of you that have cPanel and AWStats installed on your server, and host multiple domains on the same box, you may have noticed this too.  The way you normally see your AWStats is to ...

  • Launches

    Mar 25, 09 • Lead Story1 Comment Launches

    DN Media Corp. and Telepathy, Inc. announced today the creation of a joint venture called The new company provides mini site development services to domain name investors, offering them an affordable alternative to monetize their valuable assets. “We are thrilled to be partnered with Nat Cohen of Telepathy on this project,” said DN Media ...

  • Vanity Name Servers

    Feb 26, 09 • BlogNo Comments
    Vanity Name Servers

    I recently figured out a cool trick to create your own vanity name servers.  I’m going to walk you through the process using my own domain,, which is hosted at HostGator.  This is what my name servers currently look like: However, I would prefer my name servers be branded and to show up as ...

  • Alexa Data Mining

    Feb 9, 09 • Domain Investing2 Comments
    Alexa Data Mining

    In early December of 2008, Alexa Internet made their list of the Top 1 Million sites on the internet available for free, and this list is updated daily.  For the savvy domain name investor, this presents a unique opportunity to find available domains with spillover traffic.  It also gives you the opportunity to sell the ...

  • Drop Catching Script

    Feb 6, 09 • Domain Investing39 Comments
    Drop Catching Script

    Yesterday I showed you how to create a bulk availability checker using the power of WHOIS.  Today I’d like to follow that up with another interesting use of your new found WHOIS knowledge: catching drops.  Before you get too excited, no… this script will not allow you to compete with NameJet, SnapNames, or Pool.  But ...

  • Added PayPal Security

    Feb 5, 09 • Blog1 Comment
    Added PayPal Security

    What I’m about to tell you about is a PayPal security feature that most aren’t aware of.  It is so well-hidden on their site that it took me almost ten minutes to find it, and I already knew it existed.  As domain investors, we use PayPal frequently to buy and sell domain names.  However, because ...

  • The Power of WHOIS

    Feb 5, 09 • Blog19 Comments
    The Power of WHOIS

    Every domain name investor uses WHOIS on a daily basis to check registrant information on domain names, but few understand the mechanics behind it and what you can do with that knowledge.  Consider this your education.  I am not only going to explain how WHOIS data is retrieved, but also give you examples of how ...

  • ccTLD Domains

    Feb 4, 09 • Domain Investing2 Comments
    ccTLD Domains

    Veteran domain name investor Rick Latona has been pushing ccTLDs recently on his blog.  For those of you who have been living under a rock, ccTLD stands for “country code top-level domain”, and are two-letter extensions that are reserved for a country or dependent territory.  Some examples of ccTLDs include .es (Spain), .fr (France), .de ...