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Interesting Google Trend

Michael Sumner • Dec 13, 2009 • 1 Comment

I was playing around with Google Insights for Search tonight and noticed an interesting trend. “Domain Parking” went from a high of 92 in July of 2007 to its current low of 39 in December 2009. A few months after PPC revenue started to head south, interest in the term “Mini Sites” started climbing from a low of 47 in September of 2007 to 77 in December 2009… almost double that of “Domain Parking”. The paths crossed for the last time in February of 2009, and in March “Mini Sites” took the lead again and held it, coincidentally the same month we launched Guess we timed that just right 🙂

As you can see from the graph, when mini sites are doing well parking isn’t, and vice versa. I think Aron Meystedt’s prediction that “you’ll soon see that parking companies will offer more development services to supplement their parking business” is right on the money. When their parking arm is floundering, their mini site development arm will flourish, and will result in a much more steady flow of revenue. already started the trend with the acquisition of WhyPark, we’ll see who follows suit.


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  1. Nice stats, interesting article! Keep up the analysis, I’ll be following, as I think a lot of domainers should be.


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