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Michael Sumner • Sep 9, 2013 • No Comments

bulkavailabilityDN Media launched a new website today for checking domain name availability in bulk at  The most common complaint about bulk availability searches is that the registered domain names are mixed in with the available ones on the results page, making it harder to see at a glance which domain names you can pick up.  They also display the results in a table with “Buy Now” links that make it difficult to copy and paste the list into another service such as Estibot, or into Notepad if you just want to save the list of available domain names for later.  Finally, most services limit you to 500 domains per search, forcing you to waste time breaking larger lists down into smaller pieces. is different.  We only show you the available domain names since you obviously don’t care about the registered ones.  If you close the results window, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and see all your scan results for the day.  When you click on the scan results you get a text-only list of the available domain names so you can easily copy and paste them.  You can also bookmark the links to the results to view them later.  We allow up to 5,000 searches per day which should be enough for most people, and you can use them all in a single scan if you want.


We’ve also developed a number of list generation tools to help you brainstorm domain names.  Let’s say you have a big list of US cities, you can use our “List + Keyword” generator to add on a keyword, either before or after your list entries, and specify which TLD you want to check.  We kept the TLD field free-form so it should even work for the new gTLDs.  We’ll sanitize your list by stripping out any spaces or invalid characters as well.  You can even have it generate suggestions that include hyphens if that’s your thing.


So let’s say you had a seed list such as:

Washington DC
New York

You could specify the keyword “Lawyers” to be positioned “after” the list entries using “.com” as the TLD and it would generate this list for you:

Take a look at the site and let us know what you think.  If you have any suggestions for new features let us know in the comments below.

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