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  • Interesting Google Trend

    Dec 13, 09 • Blog1 Comment
    Interesting Google Trend

    I was playing around with Google Insights for Search tonight and noticed an interesting trend. “Domain Parking” went from a high of 92 in July of 2007 to its current low of 39 in December 2009. A few months after PPC revenue started to head south, interest in the term “Mini Sites” started climbing from ...

  • Vanity Name Servers

    Feb 26, 09 • BlogNo Comments
    Vanity Name Servers

    I recently figured out a cool trick to create your own vanity name servers.  I’m going to walk you through the process using my own domain,, which is hosted at HostGator.  This is what my name servers currently look like: However, I would prefer my name servers be branded and to show up as ...

  • Added PayPal Security

    Feb 5, 09 • Blog1 Comment
    Added PayPal Security

    What I’m about to tell you about is a PayPal security feature that most aren’t aware of.  It is so well-hidden on their site that it took me almost ten minutes to find it, and I already knew it existed.  As domain investors, we use PayPal frequently to buy and sell domain names.  However, because ...

  • The Power of WHOIS

    Feb 5, 09 • Blog19 Comments
    The Power of WHOIS

    Every domain name investor uses WHOIS on a daily basis to check registrant information on domain names, but few understand the mechanics behind it and what you can do with that knowledge.  Consider this your education.  I am not only going to explain how WHOIS data is retrieved, but also give you examples of how ...

  • Register Domains Via SMS

    Nov 12, 08 • Blog5 Comments
    Register Domains Via SMS

    Have you ever been away from your computer and thought of the perfect domain to register? If you don’t have a smart phone, or your registrar is impossible to use on a mobile, then I have the perfect solution for you. After five minutes of set up, you’ll be able to register a domain at ...