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Michael Sumner • Oct 13, 2013 • 3 Comments

Typos of generic domain names are a great way to generate traffic and earn parking or affiliate revenue.  For example, someone looking for insurance might attempt to type into their browser, but instead they might swap one of the letters and type instead.  If you own that domain name you can monetize that traffic, and with a large enough portfolio you can earn significant passive income.

It can be time-consuming to mine for typo domains.  First you need to paste a keyword into a typo generator, then you need to append the TLD to all the typos, and then you need to paste the list into an availability search.  But that only covers you for one seed keyword phrase, if you want to check typos for 100 keyword phrases it would take you all day. has added a new tool to dramatically speed up your search for typos of generic domains.  Just hover over List Generators and click on Typos.  From there you can paste your entire list of seed keywords into the box (we’ll remove spaces and invalid characters), enter your desired TLD, choose the types of typos you want, and click generate.  That will add all of the possibilities into the search box on the home page, and then all you have to do is click “Start Scan”.  Something that would have taken you all day now takes you a few minutes.

We cover four different types of common typos.  First is “Wrong Letters” which comes from hitting a neighboring key, for example hitting “r” when you meant to hit “t”.  The next one is “Reversed Letters” which means you swap the position of a letter, for example typing “cra” instead of “car”.  The next type is “Skipped Letters” which is also called the sticky key, for example you might try to type “car” but instead type “cr” because the “a” key doesn’t register.  The final type is “Double Letters” which means one of the letters was typed twice, for example typing “carr” instead of “car”.

I hope you enjoy the new domain typo list generator.  If you pick up any good typo domain names as a result of the generator, please let me know in the comments.  Happy hunting!

3 Responses to Adds Domain Typo Generator

  1. rick schultz says:

    this is where its at. I own 2500 generic typo domain names and counting. I only generic buy typos because of their value. a generic .com typo is better than buying a new crap tld

  2. Big Ed says:

    Thanks Michael….
    You work fast. Hope the family is doing well.
    We miss ya in the USA.

  3. Bob says:

    Wow Michael – you never cease to amaze! If I had a pinky’s worth of your programming chops!!

    @rick schultz – If you don’t mind sharing – how long did it take you to assemble your typo portfolio? Was it the old fashioned way (one at a time) or did you ever buy any in lots? What % of them earn well? TIA….

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