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  • Adds Domain Typo Generator Adds Domain Typo Generator

    Typos of generic domain names are a great way to generate traffic and earn parking or affiliate revenue.  For example, someone looking for insurance might attempt to type into their browser, but instead they might swap one of the letters and type instead.  If you own that domain name you can monetize that [&hellip...

  • Check Domain Availability in Bulk with

    Check Domain Availability in Bulk with

    DN Media launched a new website today for checking domain name availability in bulk at  The most common complaint about bulk availability searches is that the registered domain names are mixed in with the available ones on the results page, making it harder to see at a glance which domain names you can pick [&hellip...

  • Study WHOIS with Whoisology

    Sep 4, 13 • Domain Investing3 Comments
    Study WHOIS with Whoisology

    I stumbled across Whoisology after seeing a post on DomainBoardroom, and I’m very glad that I did.  This isn’t your average WHOIS tool, in fact if you’re looking for live data you won’t find it here.  But what you will find is much more valuable.  It lets you dive deep into WHOIS data in ways [&hellip...

  • What is a first name domain worth?

    Jul 20, 13 • Domain Investing7 Comments
    What is a first name domain worth?

    We all know first name domains are hot sellers, but how much are they really worth? I took a database of more than 5,000 common first names and compared it against past sales at NameBio to find as many first names as possible, and I came up with 103 that I could use.  Some first [&hellip...

  • Dramatically Speed Up Your Website in a Just a Few Minutes

    Jun 26, 13 • Web Development1 Comment
    Dramatically Speed Up Your Website in a Just a Few Minutes

    It’s no secret that Google incorporates your web site’s load time into its rankings, Matt Cutts announced the change in April 2010. Optimizing your site to load quickly can be a time-consuming endeavor, there are many different areas to address including: Loss-less compression of images. Turning multiple UI images into sprites. Minifying Javascript and CSS. [&hellip...

  • If You Use Google Analytics You Must Read This

    Apr 9, 13 • Web Development17 Comments
    If You Use Google Analytics You Must Read This

    Google Analytics is a great piece of software, but it has a major flaw in the way it tracks average time on site and bounce rate. Let’s take the worst-case scenario as an example; someone visits your site, spends five minutes reading an article, but has no further interaction with your site and then leaves.  [&hellip...

  • Increase Ad Revenue and Advertiser Retention by 10% Overnight

    Mar 28, 13 • Web Development2 Comments
    Increase Ad Revenue and Advertiser Retention by 10% Overnight

    Many of you reading this own at least one developed website with paid advertisers.  If you aren’t following these simple tips, you aren’t serving your advertisers as well as you could be and you are leaving money on the table.  I’m talking about ad blocking software that is available for free for most browsers. A [&hellip...

  • Save Time With These Two Simple WHOIS Bookmarklets

    Mar 27, 13 • Domain Investing3 Comments
    Save Time With These Two Simple WHOIS Bookmarklets

    Domain name investors spend a lot of time researching WHOIS information to see if a domain name is available or to contact the owner to make a purchase offer. I’ve created two simple bookmarklets that allow you to quickly check WHOIS information for a domain name. To save these bookmarklets, simply right-click the links below [&hellip...

  • Interesting Google Trend

    Dec 13, 09 • Blog1 Comment
    Interesting Google Trend

    I was playing around with Google Insights for Search tonight and noticed an interesting trend. “Domain Parking” went from a high of 92 in July of 2007 to its current low of 39 in December 2009. A few months after PPC revenue started to head south, interest in the term “Mini Sites” started climbing from [&hellip...

  • Selling Ad Space

    Nov 18, 09 • Web Development5 Comments
    Selling Ad Space

    In the past few weeks I have been contacted by several upstart and established domain industry bloggers to advertise on their site.  The prices ranged from $x to high $xxx per month.  This got me thinking… how are they coming up with these prices?  I have a feeling that several are taking what they [&hellip...